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With a camera in my hands I feel I am able to engage to anyone. My work is made of listening, feeling and caring and photography allows me to transform all these into an image and a story to share that can produce a change.
After years of work as trauma psychologist and then a master in photojournalism, I use photography to empower survivors of abuse. I documented women victim of domestic abuse and left behind children in Romania, I ran workshops for teenager girls about expressing emotions through portraiture in Tanzania and worked for two years on Female Genital Mutilation in London.
My attention is focused on survivors of domestic abuse in London at the moment. I am using storytelling and photography as a means of healing. I run a workshop where the use of photography is a personal challenge, is opening a window within and allowing few people to look through. A first step in making a personal story becomes a great example of bravery, transformation and poetry.

London is where I am based. I hold a master in photojournalism at the University of Westminster and a degree in clinical psychology.

You can find more about my practice on my Facebook page and on Twitter @ChiaraCeolin or you can contact me via email at chiara.ceolin@gmail.com

Chiara Ceolin

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