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Mini stories. The beauty of little stories in everyday life
chiara ceolin
Apr 4, 2019

I was in Ostend with two friends last weekend. A neverending promenade, massive pedicabs and blinding sunshine all around us. What do three women do together? We talk, it's a non stop storytelling. I love how us women create a cosy space, an endless time wherever we are, to talk, confess and share. We are not afraid to unveil our fragility, strength and fear. The sand was the page to write all our words, the stairs took us so deep, we disappeared into the stories.

Three women can talk for hours then walk close to each other observing the world in total silence. That is the time when I love taking photographs, when words have been told and need time to sediment. When emotions have shaken me and I need to find a new balance. 

Chiara Ceolin

photography, london, domestic abuse, documentary, women, human rights, romania, tanzania, ceolin, chiara, portraits, people, stories, collaborative, storytelling
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